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Debt Management Program

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Why choose Debt Management?

Getting your debts under control quickly show be your first goal. Our debt experts can help you achieve this and then you can begin to reduce your overall debts, interest payments and creditors.

Imagine being completely debt free, with no problems to worry about. That is what our debt management service aims for. Take the first step today by filling out the form above and get yourself on the road to debt freedom.

Credit Debt Management

Credit card debts can easily mount up and the interest payments can soon leave you struggling to find the money to pay them.

Our debt management solutions cut your credit debts fast and get you back on track, leaving you to get on with your life.

Saving your Credit with a Debt Management Program

With the current economic recession and the credit crunch triggered by the collapse of the Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch in the US in 2007, more consumers are finding it increasingly difficult to settle their debt obligations. As many as 10 million people has filed for personal bankruptcy and about the same number are under various debt relief or

debt management programs

offered by companies that have sprouted into a thriving industry precisely catering to a growing debtor market.

Advantages of Going into Debt Management

Before defaulting on your credit card payments, gong into a

debt management program

can be your best alternative to saving you credit rating and improving your personal cash flow positions. Here are some of the advantages;
  • A

    debt management

    program allows you to pay-up 100% of your outstanding credit card balances over a longer period of time, say 3 years. Firms specializing in debt relief services often have good networking relations with banks and creditors that allow some debt relief in restructuring your debt for easier monthly payments. It is often in the best interest of creditor to work with its debtor consumers to help them pay back unsecured loans which are often the first to go unpaid in any bankruptcy filing.
  • The program is expected to restore your credit worthiness as soon as your outstanding balances are completely paid off. Compared with debt settlement plans which seek debt forgiveness and is sure to devastate your credit rating, a

    debt management program

    seeks to spread 100% of your indebted over a longer repayment period which is expected to easy your monthly cash flow condition. After the period, your accounts in the credit bureau will show "fully paid" and will restore your credit standing. On the other hand, a debt settlement plan will show "settled" which lowers your credit rating.
  • You get debt counseling and a budget plan that when strictly monitored will provide you with a way out of your financial mess though a more prudent consumption lifestyle.

Not for Everyone


debt management program

works when your primary objective is to maintain a healthy and robust credit rating. Success under it is often determined by you continued ability and willingness to pay off 100% of your outstanding credit card debts and other unsecured loans.

Unfortunately, more middle class Americans find it difficult to meet this requirement even when the repayment period is extended to 3 years. A confluence of losing their jobs or settling for a lower paying job as a result of the current finance crisis have left many under the program to eventually file for bankruptcy.

In addition, the monthly fees collected by 3rd party professionals often negate the benefits of any debt relief services even from so-called non-profit companies offering the service. Many would prefer a debt settlement option that can drastically reduce their debt exposure than paying 100% of their debts incurred during better economic climes while paying debt management services. GP